Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm thinking of going private. Any advice?


Thursday, June 25, 2009


WOW. What a week! Sorry guys, it has been a week without the internet for me. and trust me, it aint good. *with the head shaking thing* ;)

Been working, working and working lately. Plus, I super duper hate it when someone accuses me of not being responsible while not checking things out.

Wake up. I maybe young. But i'm not ignorant.


Tat's tat. Short.

yet, meaningless.


one more poster.
guys! be sure to come and see me and the others perform okay?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HELP~~!! LELONG< Mari Beli tiket!!!> XD

This coming July and August...

Experience a whole new difference.

Watch as the three main characters : Lin, Ah Nee, Shan
and the others show their passions about Theater in Malaysia and all about making that untold story of young Malaysian hearts amplify to the world.

Come support me, Dylan Chan, and the other KakiBlue-ians performing a hot new musical,
Kaki Blue
where the Heroes wear blue.
in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(KLPac)
from the 30th of July to the 16th of August.

Tickets available from me, Dylan Chan aka Mr. D.

Leave your comments if you're interested.

Or, you could email me at dylanctl@hotmail.com.

Thanks! and hope to see you soon.

Malaysia Boleh!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

17, still. =P

I watched 17 again today with Willion. Sad, cos it was initially the BFF gang's another outing but many cant turn up. But well, look on the bright side, the movie was spectacular. It is the exact movie i need during this point of my life.


If you want to read reviews about the movie, take this.
It's exactly what I'm thinking.

But I'm not gonna drag talking about how the movie was. I'm going to write about how the blog affects me in person and why I thought it was inspiring.

You see. At this point of my life, I am turning over a new leaf. And I need motivations or a little bit of incentives to get me going throughout. Yes, I am not as strong as I seems. How the movie inspired me? Let's just say I don't want to be the man in the movie. And let's just say I want a better life than that. Let's just say I CAN, in fact, do better. Somehow. Someway. And so it inspired me to want to do things that i missed out. It is really the answer I've been searching for now. The things I left behind unsaid and undone; emptiness filled the air, cold and deserting my soul. This IS what I need. Change and get-going. I am going to start with something as simple as cleaning up my table/room. Then it goes with it, the flow. I hope it works. 'Cos it had worked on me before. Once. I hope it works now. *fingers-crossing*

One more thing. After watching the movie, Willion and I decided that we should cancel the yamcha thing. And we did. Too little BFFs coming out. Not fun, at all. So we dragged, walked around for like 15 mins and called it off. I went to Tesco cos my parents are shopping for groceries there and also, because i need transport to go home. So, I just tagged along lo. But i can't concentrate on helping out. I was too focusing on what should I do next in my life. And, COINCEDENTLY, (haha. sry for bolding cos i wasn't sure whether it's coincedencely or purposely) I bumped into Alvin and his KDU friend. XP Somehow I was startled cos i was too engrossed with my thinking. HAha, sry for that a&K. What was more suprising is he told me that someone likes me. I won't reveal how the person is here. But if you so happened to be the one Alvin was talking about. Contact me, would like to know you. =D

But till then, nothing interesting today. Going to sleep now. Tomorrow afternoon got Kaki Blue some more. Sigh. lazy lazy. =P

And my flu is really killing me. Sigh. =(

Oops! Sorry, not tomorrow, it's today. XD Cos it is passed 12 now. TODAY's noon, then. XD

Au Revoir.

Bonne Nuit!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote of the Week 1

"Dream is not about living, it's about taking you a step further."
-Bonjour, Mr. D!™ quotes 06:31-

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Driving Mania.

It was my day. I wasn't really feeling good but I have to attend this thing. I've been practicing like hell for this day and for the future, of course. The thing is, I wasn;t sure whether I could make it happen or not. During that time la. It wasn't until I found out...

How challenging it could be and how fun it would be.

Recklessly and all-so-notwithstandingly awkward.

This morning was my driving test. (though it was ytd but im gonna write it as if it just happened today. XP) I woke up at about 530am, wondering whether i woke up too early or too late. Washed up and prepared, i got downstairs and had my breakfast. And i was right. I was too early. So I went back upstairs and took a light reading. Coincidentally, the magazine which I took was initially supposed to be about childish outdated games. BUT, somehow when i flipped to the middle of the magazine. It shows cars. Like how to drive properly and shows the right way to get ready or stuffs like that. I was smilling all the way O.O... HAHA. I didn't expect it coming. And STRANGELY, the column was after a title named "Having a good breakfast kickstarts a perfect day!"
HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Is this some hints or something? LMAO. Maybe it is or not. Hehe. But somehow it stucked onto my mind until i noticed that it's nearly time. Went down, took a light breakfast, I got on my grandpa's car and headed to William Driving Agency's office. When i got onto my grandpa's car, I noticed how much memories i left behind uncherished ever since I was 10. He had been driving me around and I didn't thank him enough. This was my ONLY transportation to my school and tuitions. My parents was always busy with their works and jobs so they didn't really have time to fetch us around. So it was grandpa that did all the driving. ANYWAYS, I arrived at the agency like about 7am. And when i stepped into the room, my first though was, "where's leelyn?" HAHA. You know i understand everything happens for a reason but THIS is strangely amazing...

Leelyn and I was primary schoolmates for like 6 years but we didn't get to know each other.
Leelyn and I was secondary schoolmates for straight 5 years but we didn't get to know each other. Just somehow manage to say hi! bye! and that's that.

Not until I really really get to know this cute, smart and Sampat like me XP during NS. haha. We met and talked a lot during NS. From the utmost scariest ghost stories we experienced in NS to some *ahem ahem* sharing, it almost felt like we known each other for a loooot of years. haha. But DONT Worry, she was like a sister to me, not more than that. *winks to leelyn*

And there she was, sitting right at the corner scrutinising other candidates paying their fees. I can really see her boredness through her eyes. It was funny. XD
So i sat beside her and made the expression that explain all i felt. heehee.

i put my hands on my heart and sorta popping mildly. and do the O_O eyes.

cool huh? wanna see it? haha. next time when u meet me i'll show u. XD

So... after eveything is almost settled, the Cute uncle sent us to our exam place. In Gombak, i think. And i heard it was the easiest place u can get, ever. teehee. lucky me. =P We got down the van and got ourselves registered. My lucky no. of the day is 32. XD Leelyn got 31. So we're right after each other. We started with the deadly 3...

Slope. Parking. 3-point turn.

As it turned out, it was really deadly for me. I meant it. I'm telling you, whoever who wants to take exams by using JPJ car better pray hard. Because you never know what you will get. Mine was th perfect example.

My gear DIDN'T worked.
My clutch DIDN'T worked.
My mirrors was UN-alterable.


It shocked to my core when the reverse gear didn't worked during the parking. I was thinking, "Oh gosh, i'm gonna fail if this keeps up." So I prayed hard. Like REALLY hard. HAHA. and somehow, miracles happened. The car owner came and tried on a few times until the gear was in place and said to me, "Kamu hendak masuk gear kuat kuat baru bolehlah". I just nodded and continued. Same went with the 3-point turn. sigh. thank God i passed....



And then it was on the road. Leelyn and I waited in a room. And we started saying," hey! we should take pictures you know.." and okay! i took a few.

I'm just gonnalet the pictures speak my thousand words for awhile. XD

and the back of cute uncle....

and we called it a day...


We had lunch at 1u's nandos and talked a lot about Universal topics, etc. It was really mind-boggling and interesting. XD
So, FINALLY, the day ended. We both took bus back home. And later on at nite, i went to kaki blue. That's all. XD

And here... as promised, a few photos as Baloo.

Last but not least, the most memorable one...

Have a nice day, everyone. XD
Ps: I'm thinking of putting Logos on my pictures. Anyone have any ideas how to do it can you tell me, puh-lease? thanks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bonjour, Mr. D!™

Hi everyone. I've decided to move my blog and create a new and fresh-faced blog. As I know that my last blog was total rubbish. Meaningless and totally motiveless, I know this is the right time to start a new blog. This blog is gonna be the start of something new in my life. Hope you all can see to this blog and support me throughout.

I am going to show my passion and dreams and desire to the world. Fingers-crossing, I hope this time I would be able to write and show as many passion I can about my life.

As a gentle kick start to the blog, I am gonna tell you how I come across to create my new title...

Bonjour, Mr. D! was created when I suddenly thought of a brand new nickname of mine after the old "Baloo" when i was in high school. Now, i would elaborate a little about how the nickname "Baloo" came about. When i was in high school i conducted a choir and at that time, we was singing Bare Necessities. They said I looked like It. Driven by enthusiasm and teamwork, they started calling me Baloo, the conductor bear. Though i was super duper awkward with the nic. cos they started calling me all around places, eventually i got used to it and give way to the wacky new nic i've just "Honoured". XD It wasn't until i realised that after 2008 how i miss the funny moments that i've lived. (will enclosed a few pictures in the next coming post, i promise. teehee.)

And so it was the name of Baloo. Now comes the evolvement part. HEEHEE.

Without celebrating the last day of 2008 and the new year of 2009, I was selected to the one of the apathethic yet reminisceneful events of my life - PLKN (aka National Service). When i first got to know i've been selected was straight after my spm trials, under the Big Tree beside my infamous high school Round Table; sneakishly smsing PLKN's hotline to see the result. With Jessica Xiau Yen, (my ahmah, gosh i miss her, will ask her to see this post after debut my blog. Teehee. XD) was anticipating the results like graduates waiting for Spm results and yes, it was more nervous than getting SPM results. To me, at that time, whether i got in to PLKN meant LIFE OR DEATH for me. Not to be exaggerative, but yes, i was THAT crazy. XD

It all started with this...

Me: "Hey ahmah, what you doing here? Not back yet? Today no tenth period, should be early go home mah."

Jess: "Ya, me too. You noe hor, that ***** din kena u noe. Oh My God."

Me: "How ***** noe one? I tot ***** is having class now?"

Jess: "SMS la, duh. Today the list came out."

Me: "oh gosh. maybe i shud check too."

Jess: "You try. I very scared. Just SMS-ed"

Me: "AH~~ Got the result?"

Jess: "No not yet. still waiting. Heart thumping like crazy."

Me: "Er. Ok... I'll try"

and so... before I know my result, she got the first congrats SMS of the day I've ever seen in my life which I GLADLY supressed. She went home after that, and when i was on my way back to school...

My Phone vibrated. I whispered SHit! in my heart. And slowly.....

Very very super super duper duperly...

Took the phone out....

and open the msg....



Hotlink msg. =_=
"SChool Holiday Bonus! Get RM10 airtime by only RM7 bla bla blas.. couldn;t remember much abt the msg." I' like wat the hell. like i need one bonus ryt now. SO, feeling relieved for a moment, the Butterflies-in-the-stomachs came back when I know that its not the final result.

So i waited....and waited.

My transport came. And I am still waiting.

God. How long i still have to wait? This have to stop. SERIOUSLY.

and so it came. The msg. I saw the no. 15888. the most unluckiest no. of all.


The first line made me shocked to death....


and it all ends.

HAHA. Not quite. Sry for being so looong winded at the NS part. Cos it meant quite a lot to me. And so, when i get into NS, It wasn't so bad after all. HeeHee. read my previous blog's posts about my NS life and you will know. And it was in NS i got my nickname Mr. D. It was some character building class and initially i wanna put Dylan. But hell! I told myself, Be Creative! and so. TEEHEE~~ decided to put MR DYLAN. then i tot. maybe shudnt be so loong. MR D boleh dah. HAHA. and the next thing u noe, EVERYONE in the camp who noes me started calling me Mr. D. =D

Bonjour means good morning in French, because i LOVE french culture, i decided to put Bonjour instead of Good morning. =D

Why Good Morning? you say. WHy not good evening or good night or just simple, "HELLO!" instead. WELL. Because morning resembles a fresh brand new start to me. Because Good Morning represents a turning-over-a-new-leaf life to me. Because bonjour means Good morning to Life and Passion because it's in french to me.

And to me, everyone requires balls to change. And because of change can we live our lives more interesting and meaningful. Life's too short for sticking to the status quo. We should always try to expand ourself. You should do it too. XD

so yea. this is my brand new start. emotional. inspired and still rejuvenating.
It is a brand new start.
Bonjour, Mr. D!!!!!!

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