Sunday, May 16, 2010

Juvenile. And the river Nile. Can they connect?

Well, it ain’t all history when we talk about the river Nile. I mean from all the Egyptian history we heard and the a-likes, sometimes i feel that the pre-existence of Isis or King Khufu reign are pretty symbolic at times. To this modern times of ours. You know like when Jesus or Buddha influenced humanity some few thousand centuries ago. Time must have changed. People changed. And so do, faith.

Will there be a new religion? Will there be a new Jesus or Buddha?

“What the hell are you effing crapping about?”


Well, I figured I’ll have to post something up my blog.. and i’m intending of quitting and start a new one. The last post, “help me, I am lost” thing is just soo darn depressing. Ain’t it? I think it does. HAha. Change for the better. I always love that phrase. XP

* * *

It is easier said than done. Well, little did we know how much truth there is in that six-words sentence. River Nile was the primary lifeline of Egypt and it has far more historical value and upbringing points than the Great Pyramid itself. Perhaps more than the Sphinx too.

So do they connect? Juvenile and river nile?

hmm.. no?

Easy said. It’s gonna be cool!

*someone pass me the shades, pls!*

Hasta la vista, baby! *peace sign*


SOmeone, “SO juvenile!” *roll eyes*

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