Wednesday, July 20, 2011

D-spirational Quote

Anger is like you drinking poison, but expecting others to die. -Buddha-

Monday, July 4, 2011

California King Bed? Try small ones instead.

Recently, I heard Rhi-rhi's song on Fly fm and wasn't pretty enthusiastic about it at first. I mean, ever since Adele got consecutive no. 1 in 3 weeks (HOORAY!!), all trends point to that direction. Emo songs start coming up, conjuring that inner heartbroken-ness that we thought were long gone behind of us. It's like having a festival of hump-drum emotional turmoil. Seriously, we need to move on, not move backwards...


Anyways, this particular song, i find quite moving. It's not straight to the point, however it has this mix of nostalgic sweetness to it yet remotely desperate to move on. Deep, huh? Haha I felt deeply connected to it and moved by it along the way. Rihanna definitely matured in this particular song, and I believe she has gone through much. (UH-HUH, y'all know what i'm talking about.) Anyways, if you have not hear it.. here it is. 

*said in a deep, baritoned anchor tone* Ladies and gentleman, brought to you by Bonjour Mr D!, here is... California King Bed..... Enjoy...... And subscribe to RSS. =D 

p/s: Happy 4th of July y'alls!

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