Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Camouflage - Prologue.

He yearned for the Truth.

He was still in disbelief. Why had they decided to summon him? After all these while of silent sufferings, what were they thinking?

Memories flooded upon him like wildfire.

Floating rocks... Tornado... Army of ferocious anonymous beasts... the Light...

There was no time to lose. He sensed them. The throbbing earth sent shivers down his spine.

"Not for long- it's about time", he thought to himself.

He then withdrew a pouch, and within seconds, as he threw a handful of powdery glitters, they appeared out of thin air. But before the wind could blow, all was lost...

...into the Light.


For a moment in time. Just for a moment. If all could just stop for a moment in time.

Things would have been different. The road taken would be another. But, I guess, things changed. People changed. And I do believe, if  we all could just stop for a moment, our fates would change.

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