Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is your glass half full or half empty?

My blog was literally dead for the longest time, and it was rotting to the max. Certain days I came online and wanted to post something up, but having this writer's blog. I guess, it's been quite some time, huh? No matter.
This time around I feel like I should post this up. You know, it's interesting to see how people react when I ask them a very simple question, "Are your glass half full or half empty?"

And, they go look at me... "Wha-? Should it be half in the first place?" I guess it's the type of question that people don't NORMALLY think about, but it answers a lot of unresolved satisfaction in life. For instance, I have a friend who day in day out complaints like nobody's business [ sorry friend )= ] and when I asked this, the answer was half empty and I asked why? Well, basically the reply was that it was never enough, and it sets the standards higher, so it would be more competitive. I thought about it for a moment, and answered back, Well, that's what you do after; I mean, your glass is half empty.. What do you do with that? or your glass is half full.. now what are you gonna do? 

Many times in life we want things to turn out the way we want it to be, but it didn't. Why so? well, Rolling Stones has it all! "You can't always get what you want... but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." The truth is what you need is really simple. Love. Food. Clothes. Shelter. But well, our desires overwhelms, at times, and can lead us delusional. In spite of that, we made decisions unwisely. Hence, went down DA DRAIN. uh-huh, if you've been there, ya know what i meant. The truth hurts sometimes, in fact, (im nt gonna lie), most of the time. But if you took it to your heart and made the your glass half empty (well, in this particular theory, regardless the fullness), I bet things would turn out pwetty bad. *clicks tongue*

I heard this from Lisa Nichols, and it still sticks with me till today. May not work for some of y'all, but hell, it works for the like-mindedness of mua. haha. Well, basically, she said, and I quote:

"I Often get quite upset with my partner because they cant provide what I want, and I am always unhappy with them. Why? Because I didn't create my own happiness. You see, in life, we count on people to give us happiness; but the truth is, they can't. Why? Because they ain't us... So now, here's a pen, write YOUR OWN story."

I believe many people heard or maybe even know this by heart, eventually lived with it. But seriously, answer, truthfully, are your glass REALLY half full or half empty? 

Hope I got you thinking there, hun. 

PS: Live life to the fullest. 

Cheers, and Bonjour, always. XDDD

Mr. D

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